You and Me and Your Bass Guitar and My Bass Guitar and Every Corgi on Google Images/ E.E. Scott

We skipped the last band
bathed the porch with evening whispers
and escaped into the park
to swim inside the cicadas.
The wind was a gentle drumbeat of wanting.
In the grass, in the streetlight, every porcelain inch
of me glowed and you hollowed me
with hums of ‘I love you’ and ‘always.’
A swarm of bees strumming in my blood.
Here is the moment where I knew better but didn’t stop.
My heart betraying me as we fumbled the grass and fingered
the sheets, my lazy hands tripping
over the chords and into your arms.
A laptop flickering infinite.
I kissed you, and if I wanted to stop I still could’ve.
I kissed again.
My heart is an abyss in you, calm cradled quiet abyss.

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