Thunderclap! Magazine Issue #9 & So Long

It’s certainly with both sadness and joy that we release our final installment of Thunderclap! Magazine, our ninth edition, as we take a break from the press.  I have learned a lot over the past few years running this VERY small empire.  Some people will be pleased with the work you do, some people will dislike it.  You will try to find a niche for your project and sometimes you will feel it is working and, at other times, you will feel like no one gets what you are trying to do.  I am thrilled that I have met so many great people and wonderful writers through this process.  I am a little disappointed that I did not 100% succeed in what my original vision was for the press, but I can be happy with what it turned into.

Most of the people I know run magazines in their spare time.  I am envious of those who have the energy after a long day of work, school, work and school, children, family, etc.  When I first began this small press my work load was light and I was not in school.  I needed something that needed me back in a lonely time in my life.  As the past few years have presented themselves I have moved numerous times, including back to Canada this past February, and I have enrolled back in school while continuing to work full time.  I have also given the relationships in my life more time and love which, to be fair, needed to happen.  The magazine needs time and love, too, but it is low on my life’s priority list which is why it has been excused from the dinner table just this once.

I want to really thank all of those, especially Robert Vaughan and Ryan W. Bradley, who have supported this magazine.  It would have been even harder to keep up with everything without them.  I would also like to thank all of you have been reading, purchasing the magazine, and submitting to it. I hope you have enjoyed us and hopefully you will be able to again in the future.

I need time to re-evaluate the magazine and my time.  This is certainly not a complete shutdown but it is a period I need to take to figure out how I want this to continue. When and if we do come back, it may look different or have a different feel.  There may be less print issues and more online options available.  There may be only chapbooks.  I really have not had time to think about the possibilities it could hold.

Buy the latest issue of Thunderclap! Magazine today for $8.00 over at LuLu Publishing.

We have also included a free copy of both the interior and exterior available here:

Thunderclap #9 Interior
Thunderclap Exterior

Not Goodbye, Just So Long….


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