BOOM! by Lynn Hoffman

You really have to give it to Lynn.  He has put up with me delaying the release of his chapbook, BOOM!, for a really long time.  I would have given up by now if I were him but he has been so dedicated to his work and this chapbook which is what makes it so great.

In his own words, Lynn explains BOOM! with the following words:

baby boomers

they dove,
out of the starched and sticky passion of
dubya-dubya two and into the great chlorinated,
kidney-shaped pool
of eisenhower, freeway, move-to-the suburbs
readers’ digest, death of drudgery America.

jim crow was dying, aquarius rising.
they tried to practice what their fathers preached.
they looked hard and saw things for what they were.
they ate the chicken in every garage
and smoked the pot in every car.
mom had fought for something
and they had to figure out what.
and they had to be right on.
and so they dove in
the water was not too deep,
but wider wider than they knew
and when they finally came up,
from their staring and daring
and reached their medicaring,
the wave of their emergence spread away from them.
as their children plunged in
to continue the work
or clean up the mess,
the boomers looked to see
the mark they made on the water
but the ripple of their existence
had moved far out, man, far out.

Buy your copy today from Lulu Press for only $7.00.


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