Parker Tettleton’s Back with New Chap!

Parker Tettleton was the first writer Thunderclap! ever published.  I saw this “kid” who just blew me away.  His work was everything I wished mine was.  The rate that Parker is able to produce work is like his fingers are on crack.  But it’s not just quantity he produces.  Parker makes me lean both ways.  You have to look up and down and side to side.  You have to deconstruct to reconstruct.

I’ve been able to watch Parker’s writing now for almost three years.  His growth is unbelievable. I’m like a helicopter mom that can’t let go. Can you tell? Should I be embarrassed? Hell to the no!  I’d adopt Parker if he didn’t have, what I’m assuming, are wonderful parents.

When Parker came back to me with a second chapbook I said yes without hesitation. I didn’t even need to read every single piece to know it was the right fit for Thunderclap! So he returneth to us with his chapbook entitled Greens.

According to Parker:

the grocery store project came on the heels of a novella detailing the breaking of a relationship, the loss of my best friend, a circular move, a sadness I had never torn into. These pieces are two years’ worth of saying Sorry, saying I forgive you/me/us, saying I’ll never forget, saying I’m ready again. I chose to write around something that makes me happy — grocery shopping, groceries — what fills me literally & when I feel I have nothing but nostalgia, figuratively. The beginning is more of an ending, the middle mostly a wanderer, & what’s left & next is the I’m-moving-again spirit, in more senses than one.

This chapbook is ridiculous.  Like, seriously, if you don’t buy it, you’re a square. A SQUARE! Buy it from us today for only $15.00!


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