Thunderclap! Magazine – Issue 8

The writing has been submitted, chosen and edited, the magazine has been put together, and the press release has gone out for Thunderclap! Magazine – Issue 8.

This issue was an interesting one for us because while we get to see some of our regulars like John Swain, John J. Trause and Catfish McDaris, we also saw a lot of new writers to the magazine submit work.  This, for us, means that people are continuing to read our magazine and hear about us and want to be a part of our ongoing project.

You can buy the magazine in print for $8.00 from by going to here.  You can also always download the issue for free in PDF by going to this link: Thunderclap! Magazine – Issue 8.

Thanks as always to Ryan W. Bradley and Robert Vaughan for their contributions and effort to the magazine.

We are looking forward to our ninth edition which will come out in late June.  We will start accepting submissions for that issue in May so stay tuned!


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