National Poetry Writing Month 2012 (Poem a Day)

Last year our National Poetry Writing Month (Poem a Day) was incredibly successful here at Thunderclap Press.  We had thousands of blog views that month and people were generally excited to see what poem was going to be displayed the next day.  We found it was so successful, and it made people so happy, we put out an anthology of those poems after April and it became our best seller.

So why the hell would we not do it again? A high quality poem for every day in April and I’m fully expecting the likes of Howie Good, Ryan Bradley, Parker Tettleton, Meg Pokrass, xTx, Helen Vitoria, Jesse Bradley, and many, many more to be involved again.  The writer of the poem that gets the most blog views by the end of the month will receive a free copy of both last year’s anthology and the one we will put together this year.

So hurry up and email us with your submissions because we’ve only got 30 spots!

We are ready to open up to


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