2011: A Year in Review

Well, the lights have come down and the gifts have all been unwrapped.  It’s usually that time of year where many of us get the “holiday blues”, longing for more late nights with eggnog and our friends, and more time with our families shootin’ the shit and telling old stories.  January can seem like an extension of what has past and it takes awhile to get into but we all get there.

2011 was a great year for Thunderclap Press.  We worked with some great authors and published a lot of work.  The Thunderclap website was viewed over 21,000 times! Holy cow! I really thought that was an awesome piece of data.  Whether it was 21,000 people or one person who visited the site 21,000 times, knowing that people have taken a minute out of their day to read what goes on here is sick. (Good, sick. I realize people have stopped using that expression since like 2003)

In March, we published Thunderclap! 5 and Kenneth Pobo’s Closer Walks.

In April, we went all out for National Poetry Writing Month and published a poem for every single day in the month.  It was quite a challenge but it was incredibly fun and we ended up publishing a special book dedicated to those poems because people loved it so much.  We also published John Swain’s very fabulous Fragments of Calendars.

In July we published Thunderclap! 6, Kat Dixon’s Birding, and Michelle Reale’s Like Lungfish Getting Through the Dry Season.

In October, we published Thunderclap! 7 which was our biggest success to date.

Looking forward this year we have Thunderclap! 8 coming up in March, and chapbooks from Lynn Hoffman, Parker Tettleton, Craig Sernotti and Kristine Ong Muslim.

Thank you for making 2011 such a great year and we hope that we’ve got your continued support as we enter our 4th year as a small press.



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