Pushcart Prize Nominations Set!

The following are the six chosen writers & their respective pieces for our Pushcart Price nominations of 2011:

Sara Lippman-Thank God For The Radio (Thunderclap 7- music issue)

Len Kuntz- Mouthwash (Thunderclap 5)

Meg Tuite- Fissure (Thunderclap 7- music issue)

Parker Tettleton – You Don’t Cry in My Bed (Thunderclap 5)

Gregory Sherl- Please Live in the Dive Bar that Houses My Amp (Thunderclap 7- music issue)

Sheldon Lee Compton- From the Ground up in Four Movements (Thunderclap 5)

We had MANY runners up that, if we had more room on the bill, would be up there. Honourable mentions go to Howie Good, Stephen Hastings-King, J. Bradley, Joseph Quintela, Linda Simoni-Wastila and quite a few others)
Way to go Team Thunderclap!

2 thoughts on “Pushcart Prize Nominations Set!

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