Birding by Kat Dixon – Now on Sale

There are the rare times where you get to publish someone’s work that you admire, that you love and that you just feel deep in your bones. The relationship between writer and editor/publisher is often short, concise and at times strained.  I love Kat, like love her, love her.  The blonde bombshell could probably go through life having some rich, handsome man look after her where she could retire to her sitting room each evening with gold and ponies and free concerts by Beyonce.

But she’s FOR real, in every way. A recent graduate of English at Kennesaw State University, a writer and an artist. Kat writes the world and makes it sound better.  If you couldn’t tell already, I’m extremely pleased to be a part of publishing her chapbook entitled Birding.

Buy – $8.00 (Print)

Buy – $5.00 (E-Book)

This is a chance to read Kat in all her glory. Support her and Thunderclap Press today.


3 thoughts on “Birding by Kat Dixon – Now on Sale

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