Priorities, You Know?

I’m learning each day that nothing in life is more important than your priorities.  So many of us are juggling so much that our list of what’s needed and in what order has been replaced by everything, all the time.  I often feel like I’m always “on” & I have no off-switch.  A very sad technology metaphor I’m sure but it is most certainly how I feel.

Kat Dixon and Michelle Reale are the next chapbooks to come out of Thunderclap Press & they are a long time coming.  They both are excellent.

Kat Dixon’s, Birding, is a wonderfully fluent, beautiful book of 12 poems each titled by a type of bird. She also has a recent collection out which I just ordered entitled Planetary Mass (Dancing Girl Press, 2011).

Michelle Reale’s Like Lungfish Getting Through a Dry Season is a collection of short stories about pulling through the tough times and sweatin’ both the small and large stuff.  It’s a bloody excellent read.

Both are set to come out this week and will be available in Print and as e-books.  Kat and Michelle are both seriously wonderful writers and you just can’t function without either of these two books this summer. I’m tellin’ ya!


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