Thunderclap! Magazine, Issue 6 Takes It’s Throne

I know it’s been three months since the last Thunderclap! issue, but the editing has brought on a pain known only too well by myself and other nighttime editors out there.  It’s now summer, and my living room brings me nothing but sweat-stained shirts and hallucinatory dreams from the heat.  I must admit; I’ve never gotten used to the hot nights in America.  I’m pretty sure I’d be bones and dust anywhere South of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Buy Thunderclap! Issue 6 f0r $12.50 (Print)

Buy Thunderclap! Issue 6 for $2.50 (E-Book)

I take a lot of pride in the aesthetics of Thunderclap! Magazine.  I think we put out one of the most beautiful looking quarterlies out there right now.  Maybe I’m a bit biased!  Ryan W. Bradley has helped me immensely, as well as Rachel Bernal, with artistic direction.  I’ve pulled photos from friend’s, too, some who I never asked in the first place.  No one has gotten mad at me thus far so I’m thinking it’s a positive.  Issue 6 is a beauty. It’s something to be held and possibly caressed depending on how far you’re willing to go.

Also in this issue is my Welsh buddy Lee Sleeps, who is an OUT of this world graphic artist.  He does some of the coolest art I’ve seen in awhile and it is cartoon-inspired.  Please check out Lee  by going to his website, hitting him up on facebook or emailing him at

As always, special thanks to Robert Vaughan for providing his time and editing expertise.  Also, please remember that funds related to this issue will be donated to Tornado Relief for some of the hardest hit areas in the US this year.

Be Easy & Enjoy.



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