Bits & Bobs

 When I look at this picture I think it should be titled “I used to love him“.  If you could caption this picture, what would you say?

Ryan Bradley’s Aquarium was reviewed recently over at HTMLGIANT.  Click on the link to check it out. One of the most fun, colourful projects I’ve ever worked on. You should buy it because it’s still for sale. Just sayin’.

Ryan also has a fucking AWESOME story out right now from his Alaska collection up at Glasschord. It’s definitely worth the read.

David Pointer did something awesome which was be a part of an anthology that is in support of fighting domestic violence.  Domestic violence is a serious issue than many of us have seen firsthand at some point in our lives.  The anthology is called Bleed Me a River from the Camel Saloon Bookstore & all proceeds will be used to help some people very much in need. Please purchase a copy today for only $10 + shipping.

Next week I will be up in Ottawa, Ontario with my husband for Canada Day. Hopefully while I’m there I can share some pictures with you about my journey. It has been three years since I have been back to my beloved city of Ottawa and it’s one of the prettiest places.  I’m also going to a poetry reading up there with my old crew at In/Words Magazine which I plan to document as well.  A poet’s job is never done.

Tara, loves.


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