Let Me See That Thong…

I must admit that I never tire from The Thong Song by Sisqo. I listened to it a few times over the weekend and was elated. What a great summer song, non?

This is just a note to remind everyone that tomorrow, June 17th, will be the last day for submitting work for Thunderclap! 6. We’ve got a lot of good stuff and as with each release, I’m excited for what this book will bring.

Changes @ Thunderclap! Press

Over the summer months, I will be releasing a number of chapbooks that have been with me for quite some time that I have not been able to finish. Because of this, Thunderclap! 7 will not happen until December.

Also, I will no longer be accepting chapbooks once the ones in the backlog are finished. On a few occasions there may be a time where there is something given to me that I can’t resist, or even a special issue that I think is necessary to do, but one thing I have learned about chapbooks is that they take a lot of time to produce. The very naive me thought that it would be easier to do chaps then larger issues but they are incredibly taxing.

My work responsibilities have grown substantially over the past year & I also start my Masters Degree in Canadian Literature in the Fall so I won’t be able to keep up with the volume of work I was doing when Thunderclap! started. With that said, I still want to make sure we continue to thrive and that everything we do for the writing community is special to people. It’s deeply important to me.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future, mostly because my friend Stephanie is reading some books that are challenging my thought process. Last night I walked out of work thinking, “man, I wish that I could play music for a living.” I’m not even really a musician but it’s what I think would make me happy.

If you could do anything in the entire world, what would you do?


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