Allergies & Writing

Since National Poetry Month left us, Spring has come in with a bang. A really, gigantic, big bang of pollen and grass.  It was in the first week of May when “it was all yellow”.  I hope your affection for Coldplay doesn’t run too deep.  Hello, old friend.  My buddies; weed, pollen and grass, were snickering at my demise.  I can almost hear Burl Ives singing, “It’s the most horr-i-ble time of the yearrrrrr.”  For any one that suffers from allergies, I know you understand my pain.  I can hardly concentrate, let alone write.  If I am going to wake up in a haze, it would be nice if it was a Snoop Dog kind-of haze; but it’s not.  My eyeballs become twins that have their own language and don’t want to play nice with any of the other children.

Thunderclap! is still here, I assure you.  We have been reading submissions over the past few weeks for Issue #6 to come out at the end of June.  This issue will feature Welsh artist, Lee Symonds, who is this uber cool dude drawing and designing ridiculously amazing things.  We are both Man United fanatics that shared a path on twitter so that’s how I heard of Lee.  Please continue to send in your submissions of poetry and flash fiction.

Ryan Bradley is up to some secret project things over at ADP which are so secret he keeps on letting every one know they’re a secret. I’m pretty excited though and you should be too.

Madame Tishka’s next installment is about to pop up on our blog, so please stay tuned.

Greg Dybec has a new interview series over at Fix-it-Broken which is also excellent.  He also has started making t-shirts, designed after his projects. I bought one to support him and hope you will do the same over at


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