Re: Are We Deserving of this Rep’?

So, I read this post today by Roxane Gay over at PANK and I know some of you have already read it but I feel like it’s a good follow up to my post a few days ago about seeing some whiny posts from writers lately.  Is it something in the water?  There is such thing as writer’s etiquette, writer’s code, etc.? You know, like bro’s before ho’s?

What gets me the most, is that..what..90% of us editors are doing this small magazine/small press thing in our free time? Like I’m spending my free time doing Thunderclap Press and if I can bill any one for my time, please let me know, because I will have that invoice hot off the presses tomorrow.  This is all selfless.  When do so many people get so angry?

From Roxane’s blog post:

Most editors are not thinking about writers when they consider submissions. Editors are thinking about WRITING. That distinction is really, really important. At PANK, we’re too small, we’re too passionate about what we do, and we’re too busy to sit around with our thumbs up our asses playing bullshit games. You can believe that or not but as long as you obsess about conspiracy theories as to why you’re not being published and why other writers are being published instead of concentrating on your writing, on your craft, you will likely not find the acceptance you’re looking for.

To see more of this, which you will want to see, follow the link over to the blog post.


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