Fragments of Calendars – Chapbook Release – John Swain

I’m gushing to present to you Thunderclap Press’ latest chapbook release, Fragments of Calendars, by John Swain.

What have people been saying about John? Here are just a few bits and bobs:

John’s words are fire placed against a dark sky, warming our inner selves, calling us back to a place where we can be human again. He hides his secret thoughts behind the song of the wind and beneath fallen bark. His voice is enchanting and should be heard by all.
Serena M. Tome, Poet, Poetry Editor of Leaf Garden Press and Coeditor of Differentia Press.

The poems in this collection are woven together with rivers and branches, fields and bones, humanity and nature. Swain’s words are delicately strung together to form wonderfully vivid images and emotions. Reading this book brings the same joy, the same feeling of freshness and open spaces, as a day in the countryside.

Sophia Argyris, Poet, Author of Strange Longing for a Monday

John Swain’s poetry tethers an internal stream, and unearths a serendipitous feeling. He possesses an eye and a heart that others do not; his writing is natural, raw, beautiful and melancholy in only the most devastating proportions.

Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Poet, Author of The Paper-House, Coeditor of Up the Staircase Quarterly. 

After these reviews, why wouldn’t you want to pick up Fragments today? It’s available for only $8.00 in print.

Have an Ipad, Nook, Kindle, Tablet, etc?  Download it today for only $2.50.

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