Are We Deserving of this Rep’?

A few days ago city slicker, editor of A-Minor and writer, Sheldon Lee Compton, put up a link to a blog by Jason Lee Miller concerning the submission process that writers go through.

Throughout it’s entirety, Miller drums on about how arduous the process of submitting work is, and how nerve-racking it can be for a writer as we often wait for rejections instead of acceptances.  As an editor, and a writer, I thought I would take a few minutes to put my two cents in on this subject because I found it to be a rather intriguing one.  Plus, I love a little controversy.

First and foremost, it seems Miller is a glass-half-empty kind of writer. I mean, of course, we all have our bad days when we feel like no one is seeing our work they way we do, but the way Miller describes the process of submission seems to make it almost not worth it.  With hyperbolic tones, Miller paints the submission process as a dragon one has to slay.

Are we really THAT scary and defiant?

Miller goes on to state that every magazine out there has their own submission process, which makes it even more difficult.  This seems asinine because if it were not for those different sets of factors that publications consider when accepting or denying submissions, we’d be seeing a lot of similar work out there. No one wants a snore, right?  We all have different preferences as human beings. Ru-Paul loves a sassy cat walk, Donald Trump loves a comb over, I love submissions of under 500 words and in the body of an email.  What’s the big deal?

Miller also loses points when he slips in words like “trophy-wives” and “girlfriends that already have boyfriends” to describe publications. Tisk Tisk. Mind your manners, sir.

I believe that what “we” do, you know, us publications, is give various writers the opportunity to see their words in a different form other than their own head.  We assist people with passing their work around and getting others to love them, too.

So while it may seem like tough love, it’s only because we know what we’re doing. At least I think we do.


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