Hola Señoras & Señors

I’m sure you have all missed me and Thunderclap while I have been sitting out in the sun in the Dominican Republic for a week.  This morning when I woke up in New Jersey it was snowing.  I had to rub my eyes a few times just to make sure.  After I did laundry and did grocery shopping, I watched the finale of Big Love. I cried like a baby. Those HBO series get me every time.

Thunderclap 5 will arrive in just over a week. It’s gonna be sickkkkkkkkkkk because awesome writers are taking part like Jesse Bradley, Susan Tepper, Ana Carrete, Sheldon Lee Compton, Len Kuntz, Ben Tanzer, Murray Dunlop and many, many more.  Seriously, that is just naming a few of the talented people we are going to have in this issue.

I’d like to present Thunderclap’s latest chapbook by Kenneth Pobo entitled Closer Walks is here!! Kenneth is not new to writing.  He has had multiple chapbooks published before including Ravens and Bad Bananas Orsic Publishing, 1995, Trina and the Sky by Main Street Rag, 2009 & Glass Garden by WordTech Press, 2008. (These are just a few!) Kenneth is an old pro,  quite frankly, and one read of Closer Walks will show you why.  I decided without haste to publish Closer Walks because of what I feel it accomplishes for humanity.  Inside, you will read writing that exposes the oppression of women, gay men & others, and how religion often fuels these hate fires.  The casual attitude & detail that Kenneth brings to his writing is an amazing combination and one you can’t afford to miss! You can buy it today for $7.00 or you can download it for free.


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