When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Going

…was my favourite song by Billy Ocean when I was six years old, without a doubt. And no matter how old I get, if I’m feeling down, I always hum along to this song and it usually makes me feel better.

The going gets tough for all of us.  The world we live in has gotten so much larger and yet we still face small world issues on a daily basis.  Right now there is a union battle going on in various states across America.  I’m in a union, and live in one of those states where we are just about to be handed the serious smack-down.  To be honest I actually don’t enjoy being in a union, but because I am, decisions that will be made in a few months time will affect me greatly, as well as many of you out there.  I know many people in the online literary community are teachers, professors, and other union people such as myself, who will have to make some tough decisions in the next few months. I offer my support for those individuals in Wisconsin that are sleeping at the state house to stand up for their rights and their families.  I hope that the almost 5,000 teacher layoffs Mayor Bloomberg is predicting in New York City can be lowered or a solution can be worked out to keep more people working.  So many people are already struggling for employment out there and it is kind of scary.

Those of us that are fortunate to have jobs, have to work increasingly harder to cover more empty positions that companies, towns, municipalities, institutions, etc. do not want to fill.  I’m currently on one of those upswing times where my days are long and my mental exhaustion is pretty much through the roof.  My little baby, Thunderclap, is crying out for attention and I don’t really have a babysitter for her. (Thunderclap IS a girl, of course, Hello…Femme Fatale issue?)  So, when I can scoop up some extra seconds, I am trying to do as much as I can.  If anyone reading this is interested in doing some chapbooks with me, ie. editing, working with the writers, etc., please let me know.  I obviously can’t pay you, but it is fun and good experience.  A university/college student would be ideal. Think about it and email me.

Also, Howie Good has an interview up over at the Ramshackle Review.  Great insight into writing from a very talented, widely published writer.

It’s the wonderful Kat Dixon’s Birthday today so if you see her sing to her, and if you are just online friends, remember to write something sexy on her wall.

I interviewed THE Greg Dybec last week over at Fix-It-Broken as a part of “The Youth is Write” series.  It was probably one of the most fun conversations I have had in awhile, but it’s probably because I spent most of it for hatin’ on Greg because he’s a Liverpool supporter.

My buddy, Ryan Bradley, had this really interesting article up on his site from Kathleen Postma’s blog.  It’s in regards to the massive difference between men and women writers and the rates at which they are being published. It appears woman are taking a back seat to male writers in various literary mediums.  Kathleen also points out tips to us female writers about how we can change the facts. Women need to get involved so start a community, a magazine, read more female authors..do what you can!

Also found on Ry-Ry’s blog was an interview with xTx, sans legal name, about how ze internetz is changing indie lit.  It’s super good. Frank Hinton also was interviewed in the same series.’

Okay, so now that I’ve got all of that down and off the top of my brain, I wish you the very best of days until we meet again.



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