Van Halentine’s Day is Here. Wait, What?

Yes, it only comes once a year.  It’s Van Halentine’s Day. I hope you all are having a ridiculously loud day of lovers and sharing cheap chocolate while watching episodes of House on tv. (I’ve tried to write this post three times now, so I just refuse to update it with a post-Valentine’s day message)

I admire those out there that are blogging every day. What a task! Especially to give out fantastic, thought-provoking information on a daily basis.  It’s a special thing that I have only seen a few people be able to pull off. Lately, HOUSEFIRE has just been this new thing emerging and electrifying the way I personally think about Thunderclap.  The constant flow of good stuff is what’s needed to keep people interested.

Writing is moving so fast lately. All the things people are doing, saying, writing, etc. it’s all just happening so quickly. Every day I’m reading new pieces, new insights, new interviews. I secretly wonder if I can keep up with it! The past few weeks I’ve realized just how much the online literary community is evolving. Collectively, every one is pulling together. Every one is sharing ideas, sharing tips, sharing each other. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)  Maybe it’s because AWP just happened, or maybe it’s because we are all finding each other through fibre optic cable, but it’s a really good thing.

Parker Tettleton’s interview is up over at Fix-It-Broken so go check that out.  He was interviewed by Shannon Peil, another great writer and online community activist.  Shannon is the editor of, another great online publication.

Our next chapbook is coming out by the end of this week.  It’s called Closer Walks by Ken Pogo. Up next we have some awesome things from Kat Dixon, Craig Sernotti, John Swain and others.  Please stay tuned for those amazing writers.

Ryan Bradley and I are trying to come up with a few ideas for the next issue coming out in March.  Like some really cool, merch shit.

Oh and I want to take a second to applaud the Arcade Fire for winning a Grammy. Bravo, darlings. It was nice to see Lady Gaga come out of what appeared to be an insect egg and not win an award for it.

Also, just wanted to make a comment about what has been happening in Egypt (now Yemen, Bahrain and Iran).  Egypt was an amazing example of what we can do as a people.  I watched a lot of coverage and it was really exciting and invigorating to watch people stand up for their rights and demand change.  Demand change.


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