Another week of a ton of writing-based things, and some not so writing based things, going on!  See below for details:

  • Marcus Speh has this new writer’s collective going on called Kaffe in Katmandu.  Sign up and post!  It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I already see some pretty stellar writers on there.  He also has his blog, Nothing to Flawnt, looking spiffy.  Go take a look at it. Marcus is a great writer and is doing some good work with other fabulous writers, too.
  • P.D. Lyons is looking for some help with making videos of reading his work aloud.  If you are interested in helping P.D., who is a really great guy, please visit his website.  His latest published work can be found here.
  • One of my good friends, Rachel Bernal, has signed up for the Relay for Life to raise money for Cancer.  This affects many of us on a personal level.  If you have even $5.00 laying around, please donate to her cause by going here.  Rachel is an amazing designer and has helped me with Thunderclap-type things since the inception of the press.
  • Frank Hinton had this sweet interview over at Dark Sky Magazine.  You really should check it out.
  • I stole the above picture from my sweet, Asian friend Joe Le. He doesn’t even know it. I just creeped his photos like I was TLC or something. Yep.

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