It’s Been Awhile, I Know, I’ve Missed You Too.

It’s been an INSANE month. The sky is vomiting snowflakes and hail in the North-East, I’m suffering from post-Holiday burn out and I’m taking some tips from Suzanne Somers to get myself into shape. (I’m fibbing about Suzanne Somers, but not about my almost daily gym workouts)

A lot of things have been happening this month that I have not had time to blog about. A lot of really cool things.

1) Three poems in David Pointer’s Warhammer Piano Bar were nominated for Pushcart Prizes in late 2010. Congrats, David!

2) AWP is currently going on in D.C. with great writers such as Ryan Bradley, Peter Schwartz and Ben Tanzer. You can see some of what they are working on by checking out HOUSEFIRE.

3) Greg Dybec has put together a Young Writer’s Series with writers such as myself, Greg, Ana C., Frank Hinton, Richard Chiem, Parker Tettleton, Mike Young, Peter Kispert, Shannon Peil and Steven Roggenbuck. You can find the interviews over at Fix-It-Broken.  Some good questions and answers being thrown around.

4) Thunderclap Four – Love was our best selling issue to date. I want to thank every one who purchased the issue for purchasing it, and I hope every one really enjoyed it. Love was a great topic to cover. If you haven’t gotten your issue yet, it’s now at a discount over at Lulu.

I’m trying to make sure I haven’t missed anything, which I’m sure I have.

Robert and I are still accepting submissions for Thunderclap Five which is due to come out in late March. So send us in your poetry. This issue is not themed so it can be anything you want, as long as it’s poetry or flash fiction.

Keep warm out there, friends.



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