Happy Holidays & Thunderclap Updates

Hi all!

So, it has been a treacherous Holiday season for me.  Between Holiday parties, work, holiday traveling, etc., I’ve been a little out of the scene.

First and foremost, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (although it’s past!) and a very safe and happy New Year.

Pretty soon, Thunderclap will be 1 year old. Can you believe it? 2011 will be a busy year for Thunderclap.  There are more issues and chapbooks to be put out there that we feel have reached the potential of high quality creativity.  Thunderclap “Love” was the best selling Thunderclap issue to date.  On January 1st, Love will be 20% off as a promotional deal so don’t forget to get your copy!

Also, make sure you get your copy of Adam Moorad’s, I Went to the Desert. It’s totally, totally awesome.

Starting in 2011, at the suggestion of Robert (who is one hell of a guy), we will be moving Thunderclap to Quarterly issues instead of bi-monthly. This gives writers the chance to get their work in for a few months, and the editors and I a chance to actually relax after we put out an issue. We think it will work out better for every one.

We are getting a lot of GREAT fiction submissions for the next issue of Thunderclap which will come out in March, again, thanks to Robert bugging every writer in town! Please keep on sending your poetry submissions along. We will be accepting them until mid-February.

I’m also delaying the Holiday contest we had until January. It will return with a new twist and I will give every one the chance to submit to it.

Best of luck for 2011, folks! I hope it is a good year for all of us.



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