Steven Porter – Blurred Girls & Other Stories – Chapbook Nine

A call to the Clans! Us Scots, we have to stick together. If there was one thing that William Wallace taught me, it was the power of the clans.

Steven Porter and I have more than our Scottish heritage in common, we are also huge footie fans, have a love for Maggy May and of course live for writing. Steven is also a super interesting poet who left Edinburgh in the nineties to study Spanish linguistics in, well, Spain.

Blurred Girls & Other Suggestive Stories begins with a place many of us have been before. It’s a detailed account of a girl the writer keeps seeing on his bus route every day to the point of expectation. Expectations of what she will be wearing, what she will be listening to and whether or not she will get on the bus every day.

The work continues to flow off the tongue like a Gaelic song.    In Unlovable Jambo, the use of Scottish language is some of the best I have ever read.  Steven does not miss a single expression…not even a misplaced apostrophe.

Steven also uses his knowledge of Spain, his current place of residence,  in many of his peices which makes the whole chapbook feel incredibly authentic.

But this chap. It’s $7.00. It’s bloody good.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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