Multi-Multi-Multi Task

As someone who works at a university, August and September are usually very challenging, busy months. I have also had the pleasure of not having a boss for almost 3 months now so that is always lots of fun.

I have had SO many wonderful submissions for the femme-fatale issue coming out in a few weeks. It was so much fun and very empowering to get submissions from just women for a quite a few weeks. I’m sad to say that it has come to a close and I am no longer accepting more submissions for Thunderclap! Numero Tres (Femme-Fatal). Thank you to all who have submitted. It will most likely be the biggest issue I have put out to date.

Next up? Steven’s Chap and Thunderclap! Four will also be a themed issue thanks to Max Baumbach. It will be about LOVE so look out for my next post about that and get your love poems ready.



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