Introducing Chapbook Series 8 – Aquarium – Ryan W. Bradley

Ever just like a writer so much as a person that you just can’t help but think, “shit, this guy is like the nicest guy ever?” That is Ryan W. Bradley.  Ryan has a blog that I read all the time.  I read it because it acts as a window into the life of a family guy who works 12 hour shifts, writes a lot and never gives up hope of hittin’ it big. It’s just the hum-drum of his life. It has an extremely wonderful flow to it.

Ryan is also a really smart guy; I know this because his facebook page states that he has an MFA in creative writing. (I’ve always been extremely inquisitive) He’s a man after my own heart. (My husband may or may not kill me for saying that…although I’ve said worse things)

When he sent me what was to become my eighth chapbook since March, I was instantly in love. Another thing that Ryan’s chapbook, Aquarium, did for me was actually teach me how to spell aquarium. I must have spelt it wrong 10000 times before I finally got it right. Simply put, Aquarium fits my mold. It fits perfectly underneath my arm or rests comfortably on the night table beside my bed. I’m really proud that Ryan entrusted me with his work and I hope you all love it, too. For just $7.00 little dollars, plus shipping, you can have this little doozey in your hands to love as much as I do. Click HERE to buy your copy today!



2 thoughts on “Introducing Chapbook Series 8 – Aquarium – Ryan W. Bradley

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