Thunderclap! Magazine, Issue Two

I actually surprised myself today. I took a vacation day from work and worked on the issue all day to get it complete before I leave for Canada tomorrow.

Wow-what a step up from Issue One. In this issue we see the return of great poets such as Parker Tettleton, Howie Good, John J. Trause, Craig Sernotti, David. S. Pointer, Shawn Misener, but also new poets to the magazine such as Maude Larke, Kate Bek and M.P. Powers. What I love most about this issue though is that I got to insert some artwork. So, while that makes it a more expensive issue to buy, artwork by Joe Le and Justin Jackley gives us writers something more to be inspired about.

Thank you to all those who contributed as well as all those who submitted. It was fun to work on. Tell your friends who like poetry to purchase it, tell your friends who have friends that like poetry to buy it. Tell any one who is any one to look at it and buy it because it’s good.



PS – To all you sexy ladies out there, I’m interested in purchasing an all-female issue so as of August 1, 2010, begin submitting!


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