Thunderclap! Numero Dos & Submissions

So I’ve had a few questions about THUNDERCLAP! Numero Dos and submitting chapbook work so I thought I’d address both of them.

  • THUNDERCLAP! Numero Dos : The issue is due to come out hopefully by July 18th.  That is my goal.  I had so many wonderful submissions that compiling them is quite a task but I am hoping to get it up for sale and distribution by mid to late July.
  • Chapbook Submissions : I’m closing the magazine for 1 month to chapbook submissions.  While I love reading them all, I have gotten so many chapbook submissions that I am falling behind reading them.  So I am closed to chapbook submissions and poetry submissions until August 1, 2010.

Also,  just as an aside, I have changed the requirements for the chapbooks. I’m no longer accepting chapbooks with work that has been published with other publications.  The cons to this change is that I think publishing stories and poems first somewhere else gives them a lot more weight that they are actually quality. However, I don’t want to run into any copyright infringement problems as I know some publications have tough copyright rules without their published artists being aware of it.

Hope you guys are looking forward to the next chapbooks and second issue of Thunderclap!



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