New Jersey Publications – Get With the Program!

So I’m sitting here, thinking about how I have had a few people on my back lately to submit my work for publication. While I would love to do so, much of my time away from work is spent reading other people’s work. Any ways, I’ve got quite a few publications in New Jersey that I think are awesome so I sat down ready to submit some work.

As I’m going through these publications, I have not found one thus far that accepts submissions online, whether through a website, a forum, an email account, etc. So I’ve got to print my work, put it in the mail and put a stamp on it?

Now, call it rude, oh the banality of youth!, whatever you want to call it, but I currently pay 95% of my bills online because that other 5% that doesn’t allow me to pay’ve got it…I usually forget to put in the mail. Lifestyles are just not what they used to be. Some days, I work such long hours, that I forget to pop things in the mail. Not to mention, I currently live in an apartment so I have no mailbox. If I don’t remember to take the mail with me physically, again, I forget it.

Furthermore, I don’t have a printer. Yes, I will use the one at work if absolutely necessary (sorry boss!) but I really do not like to do so. The state budget in New Jersey is tight as it is and every unnecessary page of writing I print probably comes off my salary without noticing. Or, at least makes me unable to buy functional things at work like..pens and rubber bands.

And lastly, stamps are EXPENSIVE. I only use them to mail the check for the mortgage on my house and mail the occasional random greeting card to my mother in Canada.

Here comes the digression: I want to submit my work! I want to submit it locally! I want to love this state so that it loves me back. But unless you make it any easier for local NJ poets like myself, you are losing massive amounts of potential, youthful readers and writers. It’s really just a suggestion.

As in….I suggest you take it.


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