Thunderclap Press Chapbook Series 6 & 7

Whew! (as I wipe the sweat off my forehead) I’m happy to be able to finally put out the next two chapbooks in the Thunderclap series. These took me quite a bit of time but it was well worth it. Thank you to both David S. Pointer and Joseph Reich for all their commitment and time they spent not only writing these pieces, but working to get their final vision accomplished.

David. S. Pointer’s Warhammer Piano Bar:

This chapbook encompasses a whole wack of themes ranging from the political to the historical. It’s got gripping images and ridiculous metaphors. David. S. Pointer is not a new face to poetry, but one of the reasons I decided to publish David was because his poems made me seriously think. Yes, I’m a thinker by nature but David’s poetry is so very different then my own; it’s extremely intricate. Please purchase your copy or, as always, download it for free by clicking here.

Joseph Reich’s Drugstore Sushi:

J.R.’s chapbook speaks to being disenfranchised and that constant feeling of disconnect. The poet writes about not being able to work within the suburban landscape or connect with the images, people, etc. that we all know the suburbs often accompany. J.R. is an extremely talented writer who does not give up. I really feel that along with his writing, that his attitude toward the craft does his writing justice as well. It is available for $6.00 or free for download here.


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