Upcoming Events!

This event looks pretty cool. If you are in Jersey, you should attend. I think I will.


Sunday, May 16, 2010
1 PM to 5 PM
West Caldwell Public Library
Schedule of Readings (times are approximate)
1:30-1:40—Schuylkill Valley Review: Terry Culleton, Hayden Saunier
1:40-1:50—Tiferet: Therese Halscheid, Penny Harter
1:50-2:00—Lips: Jim Gwyn, Gloria Healy
(20 minute break)
2:20-2:30—Journal of New Jersey Poets: John Bargowski, Charlotte Mandel
2:30-2:40—US 1 Worksheets: Kathe Palka, John Trause
2:40-2:50—Raintown Review: Kate Bernadette Benedict, Rick Mullin
(20 minute break)
3:10-3:20—Paterson Literary Review: Okey Chenoweth, Jose Rodriguez
3:20-3:30—Edison Literary Review: David Crews, Jessica deKoninck
3:30-3:40—New York Quarterly: Iris Lee, Joe Weil
(20 minute break)
4:00-4:10—Exit 13: Adele Kenny, Bruce Lowry
4:10-4:20—Painted Bride Quarterly: Michael Broder, Jason Schneiderman
4:20-4:30—Up & Under: Don Kloss, Bruce Niedt

Also, Professor, Poet and Performer Susanna Rich will be doing a couple readings next week. I’m sure to attend at least one of them in the next few days.
May 18th @ 8pm to 10pm in West Caldwell at the Tasty Coco Cafe
May 19th @ 7pm in Montclair at the Watchung Booksellers (this is right around the corner from where I live so I will be present)


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