Thunderclap Chapbook Series Two Presents…

This is the Way the World Ends

This is the second chapbook in the Thunderclap series and it is available right now free for download or $8.00 for a print copy.
Howie Good Cover

Howie, or Professor Good as I would like to refer to him, was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, friendly and he treated me with respect throughout this small project. Now, of course, I failed to tell him that I dropped out of the best journalism school in Canada in 2003 after 6 months, after busting my ass trying to get in, and switched to English literature and language instead. haha. I didn’t want there to be any bad blood there!

I hope you all enjoy Howie’s work as much as I do. He is a master at this craft and every word is perfectly strung together to really make you “hmmm” and “ahhhh”.


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