Chapbook Series Moving Along & First Bi-Monthly Issue

Sad to say, my time with Parker is almost up in terms of our first project together. I will be getting the proofs of Parker’s chapbook in the mail next week, and then ordering some copies of it if i like the final product. If not, I will be taking it to my local printer to get it published. Thereafter, between Parker and myself, we will try to get the chapbook to as many people as we can.

Currently I am working on Shawn Misener’s & Howie Good’s chapbooks simultaneously. Both of these gentlemen are extremely talented. The age of the internet has made this very possible. I will say, however, that working 8-10 hours a day and then doing some of these things for hours at night is pretty tiring. Thank goodness playoff hockey is on so that I can edit and design while I watch, hopefully, a Canadian team make the Stanley Cup Finals.

I am still in need of submissions for the bi-monthly issue coming out. I’m almost there, but not quite. I’m hoping that over the summer I can enlarge my pool of poets so that I can get routine submitters. I’m trying to get back to writers as soon as I can to keep them interested in the process. I want every one who submits their work to me to know that not only do I read their work, but I do care about their effort and what they are doing for the world.

Au Revoir-



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