A Little Taste of “Same Opposite”

Hello World! (yes, dramatic…)

I spoke with Parker and he told me he was okay with me putting in an excerpt from his debut chapbook with Thunderclap Press entitled Same Opposite. If you like what you read below, which I’m 101% sure you will, then please make sure to check it out once it appears in the next couple of weeks.


They were working forward, sharing glasses of whatever through holes in a wall. Their day was not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It was another, which drank their sweat and tears and left them fucking on a strip of cardboard outlined by moon. In love with avenues. A piece of what tomorrow wasn’t.


He repeated Honey, I miss you. He could be cruel. He let their son chase his kite for hours in the park while he sat between two tourists on their way out of the city just last week. He could hear her now, running a bath for herself, forgetting John’s Apple Jacks before school. He glanced at the window, the sloppy piles of snow dotting the hills, the ski lift. The coats and their fur trimmed tops shadowing the faces of strangers going up and down. He had ten minutes before the dining hall. He sat on the made bed. He picked up the phone, pushed three.

Stay tuned for the rest…


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