Have you been writing your poem a day?

National Poetry Month is a great time to see many articles, performances, suggestions, etc. on poetry.  Make sure that you check out the local things going on in your community such as poetry readings and workshops.  It’s a great way to network with people and learn about fellow writers.  No one can be an island in the world of poetry. Some times writers think they can operate on their own without the help of a community.  I truly believe that without multiple people pushing a writer in various different ways, a writer can never reach their full potential.  I’m sure some of us have thought from time to time that with all the commotion in our daily lives, it would be great to go somewhere secluded (cue lake, forest and log cabin) and just be able to write.  I would take a city full of combustion every day as a landscape for writing over taking myself out of life to be able to concentrate.

Today I met with Professor Susanna Rich at Kean University to discuss some upcoming projects she is working on and would like to pursue.  She’s a remarkable woman with a truly amazing talent.  Please go check out her website.  The really neat thing that Professor Rich does is take her written work and turn it into a performance based poetry application.  It’s like poetic software, really. I’ve seen a lot of spoken word in my day.  Some of my favourite poets are spoken word poets or performance based poets. (Mike McGee, CR Avery & TOFU just to name a few)  So, it was truly my pleasure to sit down with her and just talk about what I’m trying to do with this new small press.

I hope you are all writing your poem a day for April. I have been trying but it is really quite a feet unless you write full time.

If you would like to check out my efforts, you can see them here: My Head, Your Bear Trap

It was my birthday this week so I’m trying to play catchup!

Something to keep in mind about submissions to Thunderclap:

  • Give me a taste of what your capabilities and style are.  Anything over 1,000 words is probably going to take me quite some time to get through
  • Include a 6 sentence bio, in the third person, to accompany your submission. This makes it easier for me to find out a little bit more about you and your background
  • A lot of writers have sent me 50 titles of magazines they have been published in but no links.  I’d rather see three links to poems that have been published, then 50 titles without links (if that makes sense)
  • If you have a blog, send me the link…(just one link please)

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