First Chapbook & First Issue

I can’t be more happy with how things are coming along. I spent a lot of yesterday and a few hours today just reading through submissions and getting back to as many of you as I can. Please continue your hard work! It’s a privilege, for all of us writers, to be sitting on someone’s bedside table, making someone’s hands dirty with ink while waiting for the subway or a young poet sitting on a college campus with their laptop and absorbing ideas, concepts, words pulled together by us ordinary men and women.

Thunderclap’s first chapbook will be entitled Same Opposite by Parker Tettleton of North Georgia. After reading Parker’s work, any reader would understand why I have chosen this to be the first pick. Parker has a great concept of poetry and one that I think many people will enjoy. Before the chapbook comes out as an e-zine and in print, please take a look at some of his work here. August Light.

Thunderclap’s first issue of various authors will also come out soon. I am currently compiling multiple submissions for this issue and have read some very promising things. Please continue to submit your work. One thing that will aid any submission is it’s size. This publication isn’t really for any prose over 1,000 or so words.




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