Hey ya’ll. If ya haven’t noticed, I’m taking a bit of a break. Part of it is because I’m busy. The other part of it is that I’m forgetful and lazy.

We will be back shortly with some new ideas. In the mean time, WRITE MORE STUFF.


Long hair, thick hair
pheromone trap black hair
a rope to tug pinned up
against a wall. Spillover bedside,
bleach in the summertime, shave
in fall. Smooth at secret crescent
silken comb of broken teeth. Tie
it back, it bursts, hair,
tie it back, it bursts.
Cable-strength noose, barbarian braid
a sword between two bodies reclined
no trust cannot sleep beside
hair, unsung Samson song keep
those fingers to yourself.
Supple never touch hair,
soft but never touched.

invite me to the public hanging/ louis packard

u use a dull knife to cut the asparagus and i am upset but it’s not your fault
let’s walk to the coffee shop
let’s walk to the health food store
(let’s take the bus to the comic book one tho)
i don’t wanna celebrate your friend’s birthday
i don’t wanna celebrate my own birthday
playin’ death grips in a bar that u frequent
making every other human think i’m a vagrant
but u digs it
and u digs me
and i digs thee
let’s watch the x files and fall asleep

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